Znaleziono 505 Wyniki dla: Spirit

  • Into your hands I commend my spirit; you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God. (Psalms 31, 6)

  • Blessed are those in whom the Lord sees no guilt and in whose spirit is found no deceit. (Psalms 32, 2)

  • Create in me, O God, a pure heart; give me a new and steadfast spirit. (Psalms 51, 12)

  • Do not cast me out of your presence nor take your holy spirit from me. (Psalms 51, 13)

  • Give me again the joy of your salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit. (Psalms 51, 14)

  • O God, my sacrifice is a broken spirit; a contrite heart you will not despise. (Psalms 51, 19)

  • When my heart was embittered, and my spirit distraught (Psalms 73, 21)

  • who breaks the spirit of rulers, and is formidable to the kings of the earth. (Psalms 76, 13)

  • When I think of God I sigh; when I meditate my spirit fails. (Psalms 77, 4)

  • and the whole night my soul remains disturbed, my spirit wonders, (Psalms 77, 7)

  • And not be like their ancestors, stubborn and rebellious people, a people of inconstant heart whose spirit was fickle. (Psalms 78, 8)

  • When you send forth your spirit, they are created, and the face of the earth is renewed. (Psalms 104, 30)

“Mesmo a menor transgressão às leis de Deus será levada em conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina