Znaleziono 2391 Wyniki dla: Israel

  • But he said, “Your name will not be called Jacob, but Israel; for if you have been strong against God, how much more will you prevail against men?” (Genesis 32, 28)

  • For this reason, the sons of Israel, even to the present day, do not eat the nerve that withered in Jacob’s thigh, because he touched the nerve of his thigh and it was obstructed. (Genesis 32, 32)

  • And erecting an altar there, he invoked upon it the most strong God of Israel. (Genesis 33, 20)

  • behold, his sons arrived from the field. And hearing what had happened, they were very angry, because he had done a filthy thing in Israel and, in violating a daughter of Jacob, had perpetrated an unlawful act. (Genesis 34, 7)

  • saying: “You will no longer be called Jacob, for your name shall be Israel.” And he called him Israel, (Genesis 35, 10)

  • Now before the sons of Israel had a king, the kings who ruled in the land of Edom were these: (Genesis 36, 31)

  • Now Israel loved Joseph above all his sons, because he had conceived him in his old age. And he made him a tunic, woven of many colors. (Genesis 37, 3)

  • Israel said to him: “Your brothers are pasturing the sheep at Shechem. Come, I will send you to them.” And when he answered, (Genesis 37, 13)

  • Israel said to them, “You have done this for my misery, in that you revealed to him that you also had another brother.” (Genesis 43, 6)

  • Therefore, their father Israel said to them: “If it is necessary to do so, then do what you will. Take, in your vessels, from the best fruits of the land, and carry down gifts to the man: a little resin, and honey, and storax ointment, oil of myrrh, turpentine, and almonds. (Genesis 43, 11)

  • And the sons of Israel did just as they were commanded. And Joseph gave them wagons, according to the command of Pharaoh, and provisions for the journey. (Genesis 45, 21)

  • And Israel, setting out with all that he had, arrived at the Well of the Oath. And sacrificing victims there to the God of his father Isaac, (Genesis 46, 1)

“Quando o dia seguinte chegar, ele também será chamado de hoje e, então, você pensará nele. Tenha sempre muita confiança na Divina Providência.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina