Znaleziono 2391 Wyniki dla: Israel

  • And they shall hear your voice. And you shall enter, you and the elders of Israel, to the king of Egypt, and you shall say to him: ‘The Lord God of the Hebrews has called us. We shall go three days’ journey into the wilderness, in order to offer sacrifice to the Lord our God.’ (Exodus 3, 18)

  • And you shall say to him: ‘Thus says the Lord: Israel is my firstborn son. (Exodus 4, 22)

  • And they arrived at the same time, and they gathered together all the elders of the sons of Israel. (Exodus 4, 29)

  • and the people believed. And they heard that the Lord had visited the sons of Israel, and that he had looked with favor upon their affliction. And falling prostrate, they worshiped. (Exodus 4, 31)

  • After these things, Moses and Aaron entered, and they said to Pharaoh: “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: Release my people, so that they may sacrifice to me in the desert.” (Exodus 5, 1)

  • But he responded: “Who is the Lord, that I should listen to his voice and release Israel? I do not know the Lord, and I will not release Israel.” (Exodus 5, 2)

  • And those who were first in the works of the sons of Israel were scourged by Pharaoh’s taskmasters, saying: “Why have you not filled the quota of bricks, neither yesterday, nor today, just as before?” (Exodus 5, 14)

  • And the first among the sons of Israel came, and they cried out to Pharaoh, saying: “Why do act against your servants in this way? (Exodus 5, 15)

  • And the first among the sons of Israel saw themselves in a crisis, because it was said to them, “Nothing at all will be lessened from the bricks throughout each day.” (Exodus 5, 19)

  • I have heard the groaning of the sons of Israel, with which the Egyptians have oppressed them. And I have remembered my covenant. (Exodus 6, 5)

  • For this reason, say to the sons of Israel: I am the Lord who will lead you away from the work house of the Egyptians, and rescue you from servitude, and also redeem you with an exalted arm and great judgments. (Exodus 6, 6)

  • And so, Moses explained all these things to the sons of Israel, who did not agree with him, because of their anguish of spirit and very difficult work. (Exodus 6, 9)

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