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  • Then Moses and the people sang this song to Yahweh: I will sing to Yahweh, the glorious one, horse and rider he has thrown into the sea. (Exodus 15, 1)

  • Miriam sang to them, "Sing to Yahweh the glorious one; horse and rider he has thrown into the sea." (Exodus 15, 21)

  • Then it was that Israel sang this song, "Let the water spring! Sing out for the well; (Numbers 21, 17)

  • Listen, O kings; pay attention, O princes. To Yahweh will I sing. To Yahweh, the God of Israel, will I offer praise. (Judges 5, 3)

  • Hear the voice of those who divide the plunder near the watering place: they sing the favors God has done to Israel when the people of Yahweh march down to the gates. (Judges 5, 11)

  • Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up and begin to sing. Arise, Barak! And bring your songs, son of Abinoam. (Judges 5, 12)

  • Achish's servants remarked, "O king, is this not David? Did the people not dance on his account and sing: 'Saul has slain his thousands and David his ten thousands?'" (1 Samuel 21, 12)

  • For this I will extol you, Yahweh, among the nations; I will sing praise to your name. (2 Samuel 22, 50)

  • David then told the leaders of the Levites to assign duties for some Levites to sing and play a joyful tune with their various musical instruments: harps and lyres and cymbals. (1 Chronicles 15, 16)

  • Sing to him, sing his praise; tell of all his marvels. (1 Chronicles 16, 9)

  • Sing to Yahweh, all the earth. Proclaim his salvation day after day. (1 Chronicles 16, 23)

  • Then, having held a conference with the people, he ordered some musicians to put on the robes they wore on sacred occasions and to march at the head of the army, to sing praises to him: "Give praise to Yahweh, for his love is everlasting." (2 Chronicles 20, 21)

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