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  • And Moses said to Aaron, "That is what Yahweh meant when he said: 'I will show my holiness through those who approach me, and before all the people I will show my glory." And Aaron had to remain silent. (Leviticus 10, 3)

  • they were asked, "What news do you bring?" They answered, "Come on, let us go and attack them for the country we have seen is an excellent place. But why are you silent? Do not delay in setting out to conquer the land. (Judges 18, 9)

  • Then Elijah ad-dressed the people and asked, "How long will you follow two ways at the same time? If Yahweh is God, follow him; but if Baal is God then follow him." The people remained silent. (1 Kings 18, 21)

  • Then they thought: "What we are doing is not good. Today is a day of good tidings, and if we keep silent until tomorrow, we shall be guilty. So let us go and tell this to the king's men." (2 Kings 7, 9)

  • The people were like deaf men and remained silent, since the king had commanded them not to answer him. (2 Kings 18, 36)

  • saying to them, "Why do you not have compassion on your brothers?" Because of this, I held a great assembly and said to them, "We have rescued, according to our resources, our Jewish brothers who were slaves. But are you now buying your own brothers?" They remained silent. They could not answer. (Nehemiah 5, 8)

  • If you remain silent now, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another source, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows - perhaps you have come to the throne for just such a time as this." (Esther 4, 14)

  • Shall we speak? Do you mind? For who could remain silent? (Job 4, 2)

  • Teach me and I will keep silent; show me where I have been wrong. (Job 6, 24)

  • Will your prattle keep us silent? Will no one answer your mocking? (Job 11, 3)

  • He compels advisers to keep silent, and strips elders of their discernment. (Job 12, 20)

  • If only you would keep silent, that would at least be wisdom. (Job 13, 5)

“É difícil tornar-se santo. Difícil, mas não impossível. A estrada da perfeição é longa, tão longa quanto a vida de cada um. O consolo é o repouso no decorrer do caminho. Mas, apenas restauradas as forças, é necessário levantar-se rapidamente e retomar a viagem!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina