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  • The churches of Asia greet you. Aquila and Prisca greet you in the Lord, as does the church that gathers in their house. (1 Corinthians 16, 19)

  • So, whether we have to keep this house or lose it, we only wish to please the Lord. (2 Corinthians 5, 9)

  • Now you are no longer strangers or guests, but fellow citizens of the holy people: you are of the household of God. You are the house (Ephesians 2, 19)

  • Greet the brothers and sisters of Laodicea, and don't forget Nympha and the church that gathers in her house. (Colossians 4, 15)

  • If he cannot govern his own house, how can he lead the assembly of God? (1 Timothy 3, 5)

  • Besides they form the habit of being idle, going from house to house. And it is not just idleness! They become gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not. (1 Timothy 5, 13)

  • In a large house we find not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay. Some are reserved for special uses, others, for ordinary ones. (2 Timothy 2, 20)

  • Bring with you the cloak I left at Troas, in Carpos' house and also the scrolls, especially the parchments. (2 Timothy 4, 13)

  • Since the overseer (or bishop) is the steward of God's house, he must be beyond reproach: not proud, hot-headed, overfond of wine, quarrelsome or greedy for gain. (Titus 1, 7)

  • to our dear sister Apphia, to Archippus faithful companion in our soldiering, and to all the Church gathered in your house. (Philemon 1, 2)

  • but Jesus deserves much greater honor than Moses, since he who builds the house is greater than the house. (Hebrews 3, 3)

  • As every house has a builder, God is the builder of all. (Hebrews 3, 4)

“O Santo Sacrifício da Missa é o sufrágio mais eficaz, que ultrapassa todas as orações, as boas obras e as penitências. Infalivelmente produz seu efeito para vantagem das almas por sua virtude própria e imediata.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina