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  • a stern response to the decree ordering the slaughter of infants. But, against all hope, you gave your people water in abundance, (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 7)

  • In this way you have taught your people that a righteous person must love his human fellows; you have also given your people cause for hope by prompting them to repent of their sin. (Wisdom of Solomon 12, 19)

  • But unhappy, indeed, are those people who give to man-made artifacts the title of gods! Cursed is their hope in dead things, objects worked in gold and silver, likenesses of animals, and even useless stones carved long ago! (Wisdom of Solomon 13, 10)

  • At the beginning of time when proud giants perished, the hope of the world took refuge on a raft and, led by your hand, left to the world the seed of a new race. (Wisdom of Solomon 14, 6)

  • Really, idol-makers and those who serve and worship them are looking for disgrace and deserve to have false hope. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 6)

  • Ashes, that is what his heart is; his hope cheaper than dust; (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 10)

  • The hope of the ungrateful will melt like winter frost and flow away like water that is not being used. (Wisdom of Solomon 16, 29)

  • Have confidence in him and he will take care of you; follow the right path and hope in him. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 6)

  • You who fear the Lord, hope for all good things; hope for eternal joy and mercy. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 9)

  • For a wound can be bandaged and an insult forgiven, but if you betray a secret there is no hope. (Ecclesiasticus 27, 21)

  • The spirit of those who fear the Lord will live, for their hope is placed in the One who saves. (Ecclesiasticus 34, 13)

  • He who fears the Lord is in dread of nothing. He will not be cowardly for he is his hope. (Ecclesiasticus 34, 14)

“O verdadeiro servo de Deus é aquele que usa a caridade para com seu próximo, que está decidido a fazer a vontade de Deus a todo custo, que vive em profunda humildade e simplicidade”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina