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  • I am now about to go the way of all creatures, so I say to you: know in your soul and in your conscience that all the promises of Yahweh, our God, have been fulfilled; not one of them has failed. (Joshua 23, 14)

  • Never will I let go of my righteousness; my conscience is not put to shame. (Job 27, 6)

  • They said: "We shall die with a clear conscience but heaven and earth will remember that we were murdered." (1 Maccabees 2, 37)

  • Wickedness is cowardly and is condemned by itself; pursued by conscience it always assumes the worst. (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 11)

  • Happy is he whose own conscience does not condemn him and who has not fallen from his ideals. (Ecclesiasticus 14, 2)

  • Many sin for love of gain, he who desires riches silences his conscience. (Ecclesiasticus 27, 1)

  • Therefore I declare to you this day that my conscience is clear with regard to all of you. (Acts 20, 26)

  • Paul looked directly at the Council and said, "Brothers, to this day I have lived my life with a clear conscience before God." (Acts 23, 1)

  • So I strive always to have a clear conscience before God and before people. (Acts 24, 16)

  • showing that the commandments of the Law are engraved in their minds. Their conscience, speaking within them also shows it, when they condemn or approve their actions. (Romans 2, 15)

  • Let us give thanks to God through Jesus Christ, our Lord! So, with my conscience I am a servant of the law of God, and with my mortal I serve the law of sin. (Romans 7, 25)

  • I tell you sincerely in Christ, and my conscience assures me in the Holy Spirit that I am not lying: (Romans 9, 1)

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