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  • Then I will lead you through Judea until I arrive in Jerusalem where I will set up your tent. You will lead them like sheep without a shepherd and not one dog will growl at you. I have been given a premonition of these things. It has been revealed to me, and I have been sent to make it known to you." (Judith 11, 19)

  • His thunder warns the shepherd and the flock senses the tempest. (Job 36, 33)

  • The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalms 23, 1)

  • Save your people, and bless your inheritance. Be their shepherd and carry them forever. (Psalms 28, 9)

  • Like sheep led to the grave, they have death as their shepherd and ruler; quickly their form will be consumed in the world of the dead, which is their home. (Psalms 49, 15)

  • from tending the sheep and their young, he brought him to shepherd Jacob, the people of Israel, his inheritance. (Psalms 78, 71)

  • Listen, O shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock, you who sit enthroned between the cherubim. (Psalms 80, 2)

  • The words of the wise are spurs, their collected sayings are like a fence whose many pegs have been assembled by one shepherd. (Ecclesiastes 12, 11)

  • Whether plowman or shepherd or someone working by himself, he had to submit to an inevitable fate; (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 17)

  • Man's mercy is for his neighbor but the compassion of the Lord reaches all people; he rebukes, corrects, teaches and brings back his flock like a shepherd. (Ecclesiasticus 18, 13)

  • Like a hunted gazelle, or like a flock without a shepherd everyone returns to his own people, each one flees to his native land. (Isaiah 13, 14)

  • She will never be inhabited, nor dwelt in from age to age. There no Arab will pitch his tent, no shepherd will tend his flock. (Isaiah 13, 20)

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