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  • They were responsible for the singing before the Holy Tent of the Tent of Meeting until Solomon had built the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem. They did their duties in accordance with the rules. (1 Chronicles 6, 17)

  • These were the heads of families, grouped according to their kinship. They lived in Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 8, 28)

  • and Mikloth who became father of Shimeah. These also, near their kinsmen, lived with their kinsmen in Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 8, 32)

  • So in Jerusalem lived Judaeans, Benjaminites, Ephraimites and Manassites. (1 Chronicles 9, 3)

  • These were the heads of the families of the Levites, grouped according to their families. These heads lived in Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 9, 34)

  • Mikloth became father of Shimeam. Their descendants lived in Jerusalem near other families of their clans. (1 Chronicles 9, 38)

  • David with all the Israelites attacked Jerusalem (that is to say, Jebus); there lived the Jebusites. (1 Chronicles 11, 4)

  • At Jerusalem David took more wives and fathered more sons and daughters. (1 Chronicles 14, 3)

  • These are the names of the children born to him in Jerusalem: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, (1 Chronicles 14, 4)

  • Then David gathered all Israel together in Jerusalem to bring the ark of God up to the place he had prepared for it. (1 Chronicles 15, 3)

  • David took the golden shields of the guards of Hadadezer and brought them to Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 18, 7)

  • When the Ammonites saw that the Aramaeans were running away, they too fled before Abishai, Joab's brother, and withdrew into their town. Then Joab came back to Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles 19, 15)

“Se tanta atenção é dada aos bens desta Terra, quanto mais se deve dar aos do Céu? Faça, portanto, uma boa leitura espiritual, a santa meditação, o exame de consciência, e fará progresso na perfeição cristã e no amor de Jesus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina