1. Joshua, son of Nun, was a valiant arrior and as a prophet he was the successor of Moses. He lived up to his name, proving himself to be a savior of God's chosen people, punishing the enemies that attacked them and leading Israel to claim their land.

2. How magnificent to see him, arm raised and with sword ready to attack the cities!

3. Who before him had such staying power? He was, indeed, Yahweh's warrior.

4. Was it not he who held back the sun, making one day as long as two?

5. He called on the Most High when the enemy pressed on every side, and the Mighty Lord responded with hailstones of exceptional size.

6. He attacked the enemy nation and destroyed the assailants at the pass of Beth-horan, so that the nations might know the strength of Joshua and that they were fighting against the Lord.

7. Joshua was loyal and devoted to the Almighty in the time of Moses, he and Caleb, son of Jephunneh. They stood firm against the assembly and tried to keep them from sinning by silencing their wicked murmuring.

8. Because of this, they were the only two spared out of six hundred thousand people on foot. And they took possession of their inheritance in a land flowing with milk and honey.

9. The Lord gifted Caleb with strength; this he enjoyed to the end of his days, and he went into the hill country that was given to his children in heritage.

10. With this it was clear to all Israel that it is good to follow the Lord.

11. After that came the judges. Although each of them won his own renown, all were men of faithful heart who did not turn away from the Lord. Blessed be their memory!

12. May their bones spring to life from the tomb and the names of these illustrious men live on in their children!

13. Samuel was a prophet and beloved of the Lord. He established the kingdom and anointed rulers to govern his people.

14. He judged the assembly according to the Law of the Lord and the Lord protected Jacob.

15. He was accepted as prophet because of his faithfulness, and proved that his words were of a trustworthy seer.

16. He called on the Almighty Lord when the enemy pressed from all directions and he offered a sucking lamb.

17. Then with a mighty roar the Lord thundered from heaven

18. and destroyed all the enemy's leaders and the tyrants of Philistia.

19. Before his time came for eternal rest, Samuel called men to witness before the Lord and his anointed: "I have not taken anyone's belongings, not even his sandals," and there was no one to accuse him.

20. Even after he died, he prophesied and revealed to the king his death. From the grave he spoke as a prophet to blot out the wickedness of his people.

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