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  • Yet the LORD is waiting to show you favor, and he rises to pity you; For the LORD is a God of justice: blessed are all who wait for him! (Isaiah 30, 18)

  • Right will dwell in the desert and justice abide in the orchard. (Isaiah 32, 16)

  • Justice will bring about peace; right will produce calm and security. (Isaiah 32, 17)

  • The LORD is exalted, enthroned on high; he fills Zion with right and justice. (Isaiah 33, 5)

  • Who has stirred up from the East the champion of justice, and summoned him to be his attendant? To him he delivers the nations and subdues the kings; With his sword he reduces them to dust, with his bow, to driven straw. (Isaiah 41, 2)

  • Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed; I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice. (Isaiah 41, 10)

  • Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one with whom I am pleased, Upon whom I have put my spirit; he shall bring forth justice to the nations, (Isaiah 42, 1)

  • Until he establishes justice on the earth; the coastlands will wait for his teaching. (Isaiah 42, 4)

  • I, the LORD, have called you for the victory of justice, I have grasped you by the hand; I formed you, and set you as a covenant of the people, a light for the nations, (Isaiah 42, 6)

  • Though it pleased the LORD in his justice to make his law great and glorious, (Isaiah 42, 21)

  • Let justice descend, O heavens, like dew from above, like gentle rain let the skies drop it down. Let the earth open and salvation bud forth; let justice also spring up! I, the LORD, have created this. (Isaiah 45, 8)

  • It was I who stirred up one for the triumph of justice; all his ways I make level. He shall rebuild my city and let my exiles go free Without price or ransom, says the LORD of hosts. (Isaiah 45, 13)

“Resigna-te a ser neste momento uma pequena abelha. E enquanto esperas ser uma grande abelha, ágil, hábil, capaz de fabricar bom mel, humilha-te com muito amor perante Deus e os homens, pois Deus fala aos que se mantêm diante dele humildemente”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina