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  • from the tribe of Simeon: Samuel, son of Ammihud; (Numbers 34, 20)

  • She conceived, and at the end of her term bore a son whom she called Samuel, since she had asked the LORD for him. (1 Samuel 1, 20)

  • Meanwhile the boy Samuel, girt with a linen apron, was serving in the presence of the LORD. (1 Samuel 2, 18)

  • The LORD favored Hannah so that she conceived and gave birth to three more sons and two daughters, while young Samuel grew up in the service of the LORD. (1 Samuel 2, 21)

  • Meanwhile, young Samuel was growing in stature and in worth in the estimation of the LORD and of men. (1 Samuel 2, 26)

  • During the time young Samuel was minister to the LORD under Eli, a revelation of the LORD was uncommon and vision infrequent. (1 Samuel 3, 1)

  • The lamp of God was not yet extinguished, and Samuel was sleeping in the temple of the LORD where the ark of God was. (1 Samuel 3, 3)

  • The LORD called to Samuel, who answered, "Here I am." (1 Samuel 3, 4)

  • Again the LORD called Samuel, who rose and went to Eli. "Here I am," he said. "You called me." But he answered, "I did not call you, my son. Go back to sleep." (1 Samuel 3, 6)

  • At that time Samuel was not familiar with the LORD, because the LORD had not revealed anything to him as yet. (1 Samuel 3, 7)

  • The LORD called Samuel again, for the third time. Getting up and going to Eli, he said, "Here I am. You called me." Then Eli understood that the LORD was calling the youth. (1 Samuel 3, 8)

  • So he said to Samuel, "Go to sleep, and if you are called, reply, 'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'" When Samuel went to sleep in his place, (1 Samuel 3, 9)

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