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  • You, however, shall join your forefathers in peace; you shall be buried at a contented old age. (Genesis 15, 15)

  • you shall not act unkindly toward us, just as we have not molested you, but have always acted kindly toward you and have let you depart in peace. Henceforth, 'The LORD'S blessing be upon you!'" (Genesis 26, 29)

  • Early the next morning they exchanged oaths. Then Isaac bade them farewell, and they departed from him in peace. (Genesis 26, 31)

  • Meanwhile, Jacob heard that Shechem had defiled his daughter Dinah; but since his sons were out in the fields with his livestock, he held his peace until they came home. (Genesis 34, 5)

  • After this Moses returned to his father-in-law Jethro and said to him, "Let me go back, please, to my kinsmen in Egypt, to see whether they are still living." Jethro replied, "Go in peace." (Exodus 4, 18)

  • "An altar of earth you shall make for me, and upon it you shall sacrifice your holocausts and peace offerings, your sheep and your oxen. In whatever place I choose for the remembrance of my name I will come to you and bless you. (Exodus 20, 24)

  • Then, having sent certain young men of the Israelites to offer holocausts and sacrifice young bulls as peace offerings to the LORD, (Exodus 24, 5)

  • Such things are due to Aaron and his sons from the Israelites by a perpetual ordinance as a contribution. From their peace offerings, too, the Israelites shall make a contribution, their contribution to the LORD. (Exodus 29, 28)

  • Early the next day the people offered holocausts and brought peace offerings. Then they sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to revel. (Exodus 32, 6)

  • "If someone in presenting a peace offering makes his offering from the herd, he may offer before the LORD either a male or a female animal, but it must be without blemish. (Leviticus 2, 1)

  • From the peace offering he shall offer as an oblation to the LORD the fatty membrane over the inner organs, and all the fat that adheres to them, (Leviticus 2, 3)

  • "If the peace offering he presents to the LORD is from the flock, he may offer either a male or a female animal, but it must be without blemish. (Leviticus 2, 6)

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