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  • Again, one preparing for a voyage and about to traverse the wild waves cries out to wood more unsound than the boat that bears him. (Wisdom of Solomon 14, 1)

  • He who hates the law is without wisdom, and is tossed about like a boat in a storm. (Ecclesiasticus 33, 2)

  • In a place of rivers and wide streams on which no boat is rowed, where no majestic ship passes, (Isaiah 33, 21)

  • He walked along from there and saw two other brothers, James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John. They were in a boat, with their father Zebedee, mending their nets. He called them, (Matthew 4, 21)

  • and immediately they left their boat and their father and followed him. (Matthew 4, 22)

  • He got into a boat and his disciples followed him. (Matthew 8, 23)

  • Suddenly a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by waves; but he was asleep. (Matthew 8, 24)

  • He entered a boat, made the crossing, and came into his own town. (Matthew 9, 1)

  • Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat down, and the whole crowd stood along the shore. (Matthew 13, 2)

  • When Jesus heard of it, he withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself. The crowds heard of this and followed him on foot from their towns. (Matthew 14, 13)

  • Then he made the disciples get into the boat and precede him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowds. (Matthew 14, 22)

  • Meanwhile the boat, already a few miles offshore, was being tossed about by the waves, for the wind was against it. (Matthew 14, 24)

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