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  • For who will say, "What hast thou done?" Or will resist thy judgment? Who will accuse thee for the destruction of nations which thou didst make? Or who will come before thee to plead as an advocate for unrighteous men? (Wisdom of Solomon 12, 12)

  • Therefore, as to thoughtless children, thou didst send thy judgment to mock them. (Wisdom of Solomon 12, 25)

  • But those who have not heeded the warning of light rebukes will experience the deserved judgment of God. (Wisdom of Solomon 12, 26)

  • At one time the flame was restrained, so that it might not consume the creatures sent against the ungodly, but that seeing this they might know that they were being pursued by the judgment of God; (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 18)

  • For their hasty judgment has led many astray, and wrong opinion has caused their thoughts to slip. (Ecclesiasticus 4, 24)

  • Listen, my son, and accept my judgment; do not reject my counsel. (Ecclesiasticus 7, 23)

  • Before judgment, examine yourself, and in the hour of visitation you will find forgiveness. (Ecclesiasticus 19, 20)

  • The prayer of a poor man goes from his lips to the ears of God, and his judgment comes speedily. (Ecclesiasticus 22, 5)

  • What an attractive thing is judgment in gray-haired men, and for the aged to possess good counsel! (Ecclesiasticus 26, 4)

  • A man of judgment will not overlook an idea, and an insolent and proud man will not cower in fear. (Ecclesiasticus 33, 18)

  • The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds, and he will not be consoled until it reaches the Lord; he will not desist until the Most High visits him, and does justice for the righteous, and executes judgment. (Ecclesiasticus 36, 17)

  • Yet they are not sought out for the council of the people, nor do they attain eminence in the public assembly. They do not sit in the judge's seat, nor do they understand the sentence of judgment; they cannot expound discipline or judgment, and they are not found using proverbs. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 33)

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