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  • Let his strength be wasted with famine, and let hunger invade his ribs. (Job 18, 12)

  • In the strength of thy arm thou didst possess the land, and being the most mighty thou holdest it. (Job 22, 8)

  • I would not that he should contend with me with much strength, nor overwhelm me with the weight of his greatness. (Job 23, 6)

  • Whose helper art thou? is it of him that is weak? and dost thou hold up the arm of him that has no strength? (Job 26, 2)

  • The strength of whose hands was to me as nothing, and they were thought unworthy of life itself. (Job 30, 2)

  • If I have thought gold my strength, and have said to fine gold: My confidence: (Job 31, 24)

  • Lay down thy greatness without tribulation, and all the mighty of strength. (Job 36, 19)

  • Behold, God is high in his strength, and none is like him among the lawgivers. (Job 36, 22)

  • He commandeth the snow to go down upon the earth, and the winter rain, and the shower of his strength. (Job 37, 6)

  • We cannot find him worthily : he is great in strength, and in judgment, and in justice, and he is ineffable. (Job 37, 23)

  • Wilt thou have confidence in his great strength, and leave thy labours to him? (Job 39, 11)

  • Wilt thou give strength to the horse, or clothe his neck with neighing? (Job 39, 19)

“Amemos ao próximo. Custa tão pouco querer bem ao outro.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina