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  • If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor, that dwelleth with thee, thou shalt not be hard upon them as an extortioner, nor oppress them with usuries. (Exodus 22, 25)

  • Neither shalt thou favour a poor man in judgment. (Exodus 23, 3)

  • Thou shalt not go aside in the poor man's judgment. (Exodus 23, 6)

  • But the seventh year thou shalt let it alone, and suffer it to rest, that the poor of thy people may eat, and whatsoever shall be left, let the beasts of the field eat it: so shalt thou do with thy vineyard and thy oliveyard. (Exodus 23, 11)

  • The rich man shall not add to half a sicle, and the poor man shall diminish nothing. (Exodus 30, 15)

  • But if he be poor, and his hand cannot find the things aforesaid: he shall take a lamb for an offering for trespass, that the priest may pray for him, and a tenth part of hour tempered with oil for a sacrifice, and a sextary of oil, (Leviticus 14, 21)

  • Neither shalt thou gather the bunches and grapes that fall down in thy vineyard, but shalt leave them to the poor and the strangers to take. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19, 10)

  • Thou shalt not do that which is unjust, nor judge unjustly. Respect not the person of the poor, nor honour the countenance of the mighty. But judge thy neighbour according to justice. (Leviticus 19, 15)

  • And when you reap the corn of your land, you shall not cut it to the very ground: neither shall you gather the ears that remain; but you shall leave them for the poor and for the strangers. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 23, 22)

  • If he be poor, and not able to pay tile estimation, he shall stand before tile priest: and as much as he shall value him at, and see him able to pay, so much shall he give. (Leviticus 27, 8)

  • And there shall be no poor nor beggar among you: that the Lord thy God may bless thee in the land which he will give thee in possession. (Deuteronomy 15, 4)

  • But shalt open it to the poor man, thou shalt lend him, that which thou perceivest he hath need of. (Deuteronomy 15, 8)

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