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  • Complete a week of days with this mating. And then I will give this one to you also, for the service that you will provide to me for another seven years.” (Genesis 29, 27)

  • after which Pharaoh will remember your service, and he will restore you to your former position. And you will give him the cup according to your office, as you were accustomed to do before. (Genesis 40, 13)

  • But you shall appoint Aaron and his sons over the service of priesthood. The outsider who approaches to minister shall be put to death.” (Numbers 3, 10)

  • Under their care shall be the panels of the tabernacle, and the bars, and the columns with their bases, and all the things which pertain to service of this kind, (Numbers 3, 36)

  • This is the service of the sons of Kohath: the tabernacle of the covenant and the Holy of holies. (Numbers 4, 4)

  • Over them shall be Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, to whom belongs the care of the oil to prepare the lamps, and the incense compound, and the sacrifice, which is offered continually, and the oil of unction, and whatever pertains to the service of the tabernacle, and all the vessels that are in the Sanctuary.” (Numbers 4, 16)

  • This is the service of the family of the Gershonites, in the tabernacle of the covenant, and they shall be under the hand of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest. (Numbers 4, 28)

  • from thirty years and above, even to fifty years, of all who enter to the office of their ministry and to the service of the covenant of the testimony. (Numbers 4, 30)

  • The other four wagons and eight oxen he gave to the sons of Merari, according to their offices and service, under the hand of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest. (Numbers 7, 8)

  • But as for you and your sons: guard the priesthood. For all that pertains to the service of the altar and of what is beyond the veil shall be exercised by the priests. If any outsider will approach, he shall be killed.” (Numbers 18, 7)

  • Otherwise, perhaps lifting up your eyes to heaven, you might look upon the sun and the moon and all the stars of heaven, and being deceived by error, you might adore and worship these things, which the Lord your God created for the service of all the nations, which are under heaven. (Deuteronomy 4, 19)

  • Now robbers had gone out from Syria, and they had led away captive, from the land of Israel, a little girl. And she was in the service of the wife of Naaman. (2 Kings 5, 2)

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