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  • After these things occurred, it was reported to Abraham that Milcah, likewise, had borne sons for his brother Nahor: (Genesis 22, 20)

  • And when he had risen up from the funeral duties, he spoke to the sons of Heth, saying: (Genesis 23, 3)

  • The sons of Heth responded by saying: (Genesis 23, 5)

  • Abraham arose, and he reverenced the people of the land, namely, the sons of Heth. (Genesis 23, 7)

  • Now Ephron dwelt in the midst of the sons of Heth. And Ephron responded to Abraham in the hearing of everyone who was entering at the gate of his city, saying: (Genesis 23, 10)

  • “Let it never be so, my lord, but you should pay greater heed to what I say. The field I will transfer to you, and the cave that is in it. In the presence of the sons of my people, bury your dead.” (Genesis 23, 11)

  • And when Abraham had heard this, he weighed out the money that Ephron had requested, in the hearing of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, of the approved public currency. (Genesis 23, 16)

  • Abraham took it as a possession, in the sight of the sons of Heth and of everyone who was entering at the gate of his city. (Genesis 23, 18)

  • And the field was confirmed to Abraham, with the cave that was in it, as a memorial possession before the sons of Heth. (Genesis 23, 20)

  • Likewise, Jokshan conceived Sheba and Dedan. The sons of Dedan were Asshurim, and Letushim, and Leummim. (Genesis 25, 3)

  • And truly, from Midian was born Ephah, and Epher, and Hanoch, and Abida, and Eldaah. All these were the sons of Keturah. (Genesis 25, 4)

  • But to the sons of the concubines he gave generous gifts, and he separated them from his son Isaac, while he still lived, toward the eastern region. (Genesis 25, 6)

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