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  • And with them, by their families and peoples, there were thirty-six thousand very strong men, girded for battle. And they had many wives and children. (1 Chronicles 7, 4)

  • But Nadab and Abihu died before their father, and without children. And so Eleazar and Ithamar exercised the priestly office. (1 Chronicles 24, 2)

  • In addition, the son of Mahli was Eleazar, who had no children. (1 Chronicles 24, 28)

  • Truly, all of Judah was standing before the Lord with their little ones and wives and children. (2 Chronicles 20, 13)

  • and for the entire multitude, as much for the wives as for their children of both sexes, provisions were offered faithfully from whatever had been sanctified. (2 Chronicles 31, 18)

  • Therefore, as Ezra was praying, and imploring, and weeping in this way, and was prostrate before the temple of God, an exceedingly great assembly of men and women and children was gathered to him from Israel. And the people wept with a great weeping. (Ezra 10, 1)

  • And on that day, they immolated great sacrifices, and they rejoiced. For God had caused them to rejoice with great joy. And their wives and children also were glad. And the rejoicing of Jerusalem was heard from far away. (Nehemiah 12, 42)

  • And then, on the third night, you will obtain a blessing, so that healthy children may be procreated from you both. (Tobit 6, 21)

  • And so, the third night having been accomplished, you will receive the virgin with the fear of the Lord, led more by love of children than by physical desire, so that, as the offspring of Abraham, you will then obtain a blessing in children. (Tobit 6, 22)

  • For certainly, we are the children of the saints, and we must not be joined together in such a manner as the heathens, who are ignorant of God.” (Tobit 8, 5)

  • Moreover, you have had compassion on two only children. Make them, O Lord, able to bless you more fully and to offer you a sacrifice of your praise and of their health, so that all peoples everywhere may know that you alone are God in all the earth.” (Tobit 8, 19)

  • And the priests clothed themselves with haircloths, and they prostrated the little children opposite the face of the temple of the Lord, and they covered the altar of the Lord with haircloth. (Judith 4, 9)

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