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  • But it is good for me to adhere to God, to put my hope in the Lord God, so that I may announce all your prophecies, at the gates of the daughter of Zion. (Psalms 72, 28)

  • So then, may they put their hope in God, and may they not forget the works of God, and may they seek his commandments. (Psalms 77, 7)

  • For they neither put their trust in God, nor did they hope in his salvation. (Psalms 77, 22)

  • And he led them out in hope, and they did not fear. And the sea covered their enemies. (Psalms 77, 53)

  • He will say to the Lord, “You are my supporter and my refuge.” My God, I will hope in him. (Psalms 90, 2)

  • He will overshadow you with his shoulders, and you will hope under his wings. (Psalms 90, 4)

  • For you, O Lord, are my hope. You have set the Most High as your refuge. (Psalms 90, 9)

  • And the Lord has been made into a refuge for me, and my God into the assistance of my hope. (Psalms 93, 22)

  • Moab is the cooking pot of my hope. I will extend my shoe in Idumea; the foreigners have become my friends. (Psalms 107, 10)

  • The just one will be an everlasting memorial. He will not fear a report of disasters. His heart is prepared to hope in the Lord. (Psalms 111, 7)

  • It is good to hope in the Lord, rather than to hope in leaders. (Psalms 117, 9)

  • And do not utterly take away the word of truth from my mouth. For in your judgments, I have hoped beyond hope. (Psalms 118, 43)

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