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  • ZAIN. Be mindful of your word to your servant, by which you have given me hope. (Psalms 118, 49)

  • CAPH. My soul has faltered in your salvation, yet in your word, I have hoped beyond hope. (Psalms 118, 81)

  • I arrived first in maturity, and so I cried out. For in your words, I have hoped beyond hope. (Psalms 118, 147)

  • From the morning watch, even until night, let Israel hope in the Lord. (Psalms 129, 6)

  • Let Israel hope in the Lord, from this time forward and even forever. (Psalms 130, 3)

  • I cried out to you, O Lord. I said: You are my hope, my portion in the land of the living. (Psalms 141, 6)

  • O Lord, all eyes hope in you, and you provide their food in due time. (Psalms 144, 15)

  • Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob: his hope is in the Lord God himself, (Psalms 145, 5)

  • The Lord is well pleased with those who fear him and with those who hope in his mercy. (Psalms 146, 11)

  • But we hope that God, who has freed his people and has rendered to all the inheritance, and the kingdom, and the priesthood, and sanctification, (2 Maccabees 2, 17)

  • And indeed, through divine power, he lay mute and also was deprived of all hope of recovery. (2 Maccabees 3, 29)

  • And he said with confidence, “I possess these from heaven, but, because of the laws of God, I now despise them, for I hope to receive them again from him.” (2 Maccabees 7, 11)

“Não desperdice suas energias em coisas que geram preocupação, perturbação e ansiedade. Uma coisa somente é necessária: elevar o espírito e amar a Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina