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  • And there will be hope for those in need, for iniquity will diminish its speech. (Job 5, 16)

  • If I lie down to sleep, I will say, “When will I rise?” And next I will hope for the evening and will be filled with sorrows even until darkness. (Job 7, 4)

  • My days have passed by more quickly than threads are cut by a weaver, and they have been consumed without any hope. (Job 7, 6)

  • Just so are the ways of all who forget God, and the hope of the hypocrite will perish. (Job 8, 13)

  • And, when hope has been set before you, you will have faith, and, when buried, you will sleep secure. (Job 11, 18)

  • But the eyes of the impious will fade away, and the path to escape will perish before them, for the abomination of the soul is their hope. (Job 11, 20)

  • And now, if he would kill me, I will hope in him; in this, truly, I will correct my ways in his sight. (Job 13, 15)

  • A tree has hope: if it has been cut, it turns green again, and its branches spring forth. (Job 14, 7)

  • They have turned night into day, and I hope for light again after the darkness. (Job 17, 12)

  • He has destroyed me on every side, and I am lost, and, like an uprooted tree, he has taken away my hope. (Job 19, 10)

  • It is he whom I myself will see, and he whom my eyes will behold, and no other. This, my hope, has taken rest in my bosom. (Job 19, 27)

  • For what hope is there for the hypocrite, if he greedily plunders and God does not free his soul? (Job 27, 8)

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