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  • Yet thou art he who took me from the womb; thou didst keep me safe upon my mother's breasts. (Psalms 22, 9)

  • By thy favor, O LORD, thou hadst established me as a strong mountain; thou didst hide thy face, I was dismayed. (Psalms 30, 7)

  • I had said in my alarm, "I am driven far from thy sight." But thou didst hear my supplications, when I cried to thee for help. (Psalms 31, 22)

  • I acknowledged my sin to thee, and I did not hide my iniquity; I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD"; then thou didst forgive the guilt of my sin. [Selah] (Psalms 32, 5)

  • We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what deeds thou didst perform in their days, in the days of old: (Psalms 44, 1)

  • thou with thy own hand didst drive out the nations, but them thou didst plant; thou didst afflict the peoples, but them thou didst set free; (Psalms 44, 2)

  • for not by their own sword did they win the land, nor did their own arm give them victory; but thy right hand, and thy arm, and the light of thy countenance; for thou didst delight in them. (Psalms 44, 3)

  • By the east wind thou didst shatter the ships of Tarshish. (Psalms 48, 7)

  • Thou didst bring us into the net; thou didst lay affliction on our loins; (Psalms 66, 11)

  • thou didst let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; yet thou hast brought us forth to a spacious place. (Psalms 66, 12)

  • O God, when thou didst go forth before thy people, when thou didst march through the wilderness, [Selah] (Psalms 68, 7)

  • Rain in abundance, O God, thou didst shed abroad; thou didst restore thy heritage as it languished; (Psalms 68, 9)

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