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  • His God brought him out of Egypt and fights for him like the horns of a wild ox. He devours the carcasses of his enemies and crushes their bones in pieces. (Numbers 24, 8)

  • The Lord is truly a God who crushes war, who encamps in the midst of his people for he has snatched me from the hand of those who pursued me. (Judith 16, 2)

  • He who crushes me for a trifle and multiplies my hurt for no reason. (Job 9, 17)

  • Because he knows their evil deeds, he turns at night and crushes them. (Job 34, 25)

  • But he crushes the heads of his enemies, the hairy crowns of the criminals. (Psalms 68, 22)

  • Last shall be a fourth kingdom strong as iron and just as iron breaks and crushes everything else, so will it break and smash all the others. (Daniel 2, 40)

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