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  • For everything he said at Yahweh's command, cursing the altar in Bethel and all the sanctuaries of the high places in the cities of Samaria, will be fulfilled." (1 Kings 13, 32)

  • Then he bought the hill of Samaria from Shemer for two talents of silver. He built a city on the hill and called it Samaria, after Shemer, the owner of the hill. (1 Kings 16, 24)

  • Then Omri rested with his fathers and was buried in Samaria while Ahab, his son, reigned in his place. (1 Kings 16, 28)

  • Ahab, son of Omri became king in the thirty-eighth year of Asa, king of Judah, and he reigned over Israel in Samaria for twenty-two years. (1 Kings 16, 29)

  • He set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal which he built in Samaria (1 Kings 16, 32)

  • Now the famine in Samaria was severe. Ahab therefore called Obadiah, who was in charge of the household. (1 Kings 18, 3)

  • Ben-hadad, king of Aram, gathered together his entire army. With him were thirty-two kings. With horses and chariots, he went to Samaria and besieged it. (1 Kings 20, 1)

  • Ben-hadad who then answered, "May I be cursed if enough dust remains of Samaria to give a handful to all the people who follow me." (1 Kings 20, 10)

  • The guards of the governors of the districts went out first. Someone reported to Ben-hadad, "People are coming out from Samaria." (1 Kings 20, 17)

  • Ben-hadad then said to him, "I will give back the cities which my father took from your father, and you may put up business establishments for yourself in Damascus just as my father did in Samaria." He then made an agreement with Ben-hadad and let him go. (1 Kings 20, 34)

  • And the king of Israel went back home to Samaria, resentful and sad. (1 Kings 20, 43)

  • Now Naboth, a man from Jezreel, owned a vineyard just beside the palace of Ahab, king of Samaria. (1 Kings 21, 1)

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