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  • So Moses said to Joshua, "Choose some of our men and go out to fight the Amalekites in the morning. As for me, I will stand with God's staff in my hand at the top of the hill." (Exodus 17, 9)

  • Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had directed, while Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill. (Exodus 17, 10)

  • For his part Joshua mowed down Amalek and his people with the sword. (Exodus 17, 13)

  • Yahweh then instructed Moses, "Write this in a book as something to be remembered, and make it known in the hearing of Joshua that I will wipe out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven." (Exodus 17, 14)

  • So Moses arose with his servant, Joshua, and before going up the mountain of God, (Exodus 24, 13)

  • When Joshua heard the noise of the people who were shouting he said to Moses, "There is a sound of war in the camp." (Exodus 32, 17)

  • Then Yahweh would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his neighbor, and then Moses would return to the camp, but his servant Joshua, son of Nun, would not leave the tent. (Exodus 33, 11)

  • Joshua, the son of Nun, who ministered to Moses from his youth said, "My lord Moses, stop them!" (Numbers 11, 28)

  • These are the names of the men sent by Moses to explore the country. But Hoshea, the son of Nun, Moses called Joshua. (Numbers 13, 16)

  • Joshua, son of Nun, and Caleb, son of Jephunneh from those who had explored the country, tore their clothes (Numbers 14, 6)

  • You will not enter the land where I swore to settle you, except Caleb, son of Jephunneh and Joshua, son of Nun. (Numbers 14, 30)

  • Only Joshua, son of Nun, and Caleb, son of Jephunneh, survived out of those who went to explore the land. (Numbers 14, 38)

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