1. You should not be jealous of the wife of your bosom, lest she reveal, because of you, the malice of a wicked lesson.

2. You should not give authority over your soul to a woman, lest she obtain your strength, and then you would be confounded.

3. You should not look with favor on a woman with many desires, lest perhaps you may fall into her traps.

4. You should not be continually in need of entertainment, nor should you be persuaded by it, lest perhaps you may perish by its effectiveness.

5. You should not stare at a virgin, lest perhaps you may be scandalized by her beauty.

6. You should not give your soul, in any way, to fornicators, lest you destroy yourself and your inheritance.

7. Do not choose to look around in the streets of the city, nor should you wander along its thoroughfares.

8. Avert your face from an ornate woman, for you should not gaze upon strange beauty.

9. Many have perished because of the beauty of a woman; and by this, desire is kindled like a fire.

10. Every woman who is a fornicator will be trampled down, like the filth in the street.

11. Many, by admiring the beauty of the wife of another, have become reprobate. For familiarity with her flares up like a fire.

12. You should not sit down at all with another man’s wife, nor recline with her on a couch.

13. And you should not argue with her over wine, lest perhaps your heart may turn toward her, and by your emotion, you would be toppled into perdition.

14. You should not abandon a old friend. For a new one will not be similar to him.

15. A new friend is like new wine. It will grow old, and then you will enjoy drinking it.

16. You should not envy the glory and wealth of a sinner. For you do not know what may be his undoing in the future.

17. The injury of the unjust should not please you, knowing that, until they are in hell, the impious will not please.

18. Keep yourself far from a man having the power to kill, and then you will not have the fear of death suspended over you.

19. But if you do approach him, do nothing to offend, lest perhaps he may take away your life.

20. Know that this is a communion with death. For you would be entering the midst of snares, and walking upon the arms of the grieving.

21. According to your ability, be cautious of your neighbor, and treat him as the wise and prudent would.

22. Let just men be your companions, and let your glory be in the fear of God.

23. And let the thought of God be in your mind, and let all your discourse be on the precepts of the Most High.

24. Works will be praised for the hands of the artists, and a leader of the people will be praised for the wisdom of his words, yet truly, the word of the elders will be praised for its understanding.

25. A man full of words is a dread to his city, but one who speaks rashly will be hated for his word.

“Pense em Jesus flagelado por amor a você, e ofereça com generosidade um sacrifício a Ele”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina