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  • which the LORD has laid low before the community of Israel, is grazing country. Now, since your servants have livestock," (Numbers 32, 4)

  • they continued, "if we find favor with you, let this land be given to your servants as their property. Do not make us cross the Jordan." (Numbers 32, 5)

  • The Gadites and Reubenites answered Moses, "Your servants will do as you command, my lord. (Numbers 32, 25)

  • all your servants will go across as armed troops to battle before the LORD, just as your lordship says." (Numbers 32, 27)

  • To this the Gadites and Reubenites replied, "We will do what the LORD has commanded us, your servants. (Numbers 32, 31)

  • Remember your servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Look not upon the stubbornness of this people nor upon their wickedness and sin, (Deuteronomy 9, 27)

  • Moses summoned all Israel and said to them, "You have seen all that the LORD did in the land of Egypt before your very eyes to Pharaoh and all his servants and to all his land; (Deuteronomy 29, 1)

  • Surely, the LORD shall do justice for his people; on his servants he shall have pity. When he sees their strength failing, and their protected and unprotected alike disappearing, (Deuteronomy 32, 36)

  • Exult with him, you heavens, glorify him, all you angels of God; For he avenges the blood of his servants and purges his people's land. (Deuteronomy 32, 43)

  • He had no equal in all the signs and wonders the LORD sent him to perform in the land of Egypt against Pharaoh and all his servants and against all his land, (Deuteronomy 34, 11)

  • But they answered Joshua, "We are your servants." Then Joshua asked them, "Who are you? Where do you come from?" (Joshua 9, 8)

  • They answered him, "Your servants have come from a far-off land, because of the fame of the LORD, your God. For we have heard reports of all that he did in Egypt (Joshua 9, 9)

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