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  • I, on my part, am about to bring the flood (waters) on the earth, to destroy everywhere all creatures in which there is the breath of life; everything on earth shall perish. (Genesis 6, 17)

  • This food will serve as a reserve for the country against the seven years of famine that are to follow in the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish in the famine." (Genesis 41, 36)

  • When all the money in Egypt and Canaan was spent, all the Egyptians came to Joseph, pleading, "Give us food or we shall perish under your eyes; for our money is gone." (Genesis 47, 15)

  • Why should we and our land perish before your very eyes? Take us and our land in exchange for food, and we will become Pharaoh's slaves and our land his property; only give us seed, that we may survive and not perish, and that our land may not turn into a waste." (Genesis 47, 19)

  • "Do not let the group of Kohathite clans perish from the body of the Levites. (Numbers 4, 18)

  • Are you not satisfied with having led us here away from a land flowing with milk and honey, to make us perish in the desert, that you must now lord it over us? (Numbers 16, 13)

  • Every time anyone approaches the Dwelling of the LORD, he dies! Are we to perish to the last man?" (Numbers 17, 28)

  • Upon seeing Amalek, Balaam gave voice to his oracle: First of the peoples was Amalek, but his end is to perish forever. (Numbers 24, 20)

  • to deliver his people from the hands of the Kittim? When they have conquered Asshur and conquered Eber, He too shall perish forever. (Numbers 24, 24)

  • I call heaven and earth this day to witness against you, that you shall all quickly perish from the land which you will occupy when you cross the Jordan. You shall not live in it for any length of time but shall be promptly wiped out. (Deuteronomy 4, 26)

  • He will deliver their kings into your hand, that you may make their names perish from under the heavens. No man will be able to stand up against you, till you have put an end to them. (Deuteronomy 7, 24)

  • But if you forget the LORD, your God, and follow other gods, serving and worshiping them, I forewarn you this day that you will perish utterly. (Deuteronomy 8, 19)

“Dirás tu o mais belo dos credos quando houver noite em redor de ti, na hora do sacrifício, na dor, no supremo esforço duma vontade inquebrantável para o bem. Este credo é como um relâmpago que rasga a escuridão de teu espírito e no seu brilho te eleva a Deus”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina