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  • I made gardens and parks, and set out in them fruit trees of all sorts. (Ecclesiastes 2, 5)

  • As an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my lover among men. I delight to rest in his shadow, and his fruit is sweet to my mouth. (Song of Solomon 2, 3)

  • His legs are columns of marble resting on golden bases. His stature is like the trees on Lebanon, imposing as the cedars. (Song of Solomon 5, 15)

  • Like the blossoms on the branches in springtime, like a lily on the banks of a stream; Like the trees of Lebanon in summer, (Ecclesiasticus 50, 8)

  • When word came to the house of David that Aram was encamped in Ephraim, the heart of the king and heart of the people trembled, as the trees of the forest tremble in the wind. (Isaiah 7, 2)

  • And the remnant of the trees in his forest will be so few, Like poles set up for signals, that any boy can record them. (Isaiah 10, 19)

  • Down it comes, as trees come down in the forest! The city will be utterly laid low. Hill and tower will become wasteland forever for wild asses to frolic in, and flocks to pasture, (Isaiah 32, 19)

  • He cuts down cedars, takes a holm or an oak, and lays hold of other trees of the forest, which the Lord had planted and the rain made grow (Isaiah 44, 14)

  • Raise a glad cry, you heavens: the LORD has done this; shout, you depths of the earth. Break forth, you mountains, into song, you forest, with all your trees. For the LORD has redeemed Jacob, and shows his glory through Israel. (Isaiah 44, 23)

  • Yes, in joy you shall depart, in peace you shall be brought back; Mountains and hills shall break out in song before you, and all the trees of the countryside shall clap their hands. (Isaiah 55, 12)

  • They will devour your harvest and your bread, devour your sons and your daughters, Devour your sheep and cattle, devour your vines and fig trees; They will beat flat with the sword the fortified city in which you trust. (Jeremiah 5, 17)

  • For thus says the LORD of hosts: Hew down her trees, throw up a siege mound against Jerusalem. Woe to the city marked for punishment; nought but oppression within her! (Jeremiah 6, 6)

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