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  • Then were the princes of Edom dismayed; trembling seized the chieftains of Moab; All the dwellers in Canaan melted away; (Exodus 15, 15)

  • The princes brought onyx stones and other gems for mounting on the ephod and on the breastpiece; (Exodus 35, 27)

  • These were councilors of the community, princes of their ancestral tribes, chiefs of the troops of Israel. (Numbers 1, 16)

  • It was these who were registered, each according to his ancestral house, in the census taken by Moses and Aaron and the twelve princes of Israel. (Numbers 1, 44)

  • So Moses and Aaron and the princes of the community made a registration among the Kohathites, by clans and ancestral houses, (Numbers 4, 34)

  • Therefore, when Moses and Aaron and the Israelites princes had completed the registration among the Levites, by clans and ancestral houses, (Numbers 4, 46)

  • an offering was made by the princes of Israel, who were heads of ancestral houses; the same princes of the tribes who supervised the census. (Numbers 7, 2)

  • The offering they brought before the LORD consisted of six baggage wagons and twelve oxen, that is, a wagon for every two princes, and an ox for every prince. These they presented as their offering before the Dwelling. (Numbers 7, 3)

  • For the dedication of the altar also, the princes brought offerings before the altar on the day it was anointed. (Numbers 7, 10)

  • These were the offerings for the dedication of the altar, given by the princes of Israel on the occasion of its anointing: twelve silver plates, twelve silver basins, and twelve gold cups. (Numbers 7, 84)

  • but when one of them is blown, only the princes, the chiefs of the troops of Israel, shall gather round you. (Numbers 10, 4)

  • "Send men to reconnoiter the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. You shall send one man from each ancestral tribe, all of them princes." (Numbers 13, 2)

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