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  • The porch in front of the temple was twenty cubits from side to side, along the width of the nave, and ten cubits deep in front of the temple. (1 Kings 6, 3)

  • and adjoining the wall of the temple, which enclosed the nave and the sanctuary, an annex of several stories was built. (1 Kings 6, 5)

  • The nave, or part of the temple in front of the sanctuary, was forty cubits long. (1 Kings 6, 17)

  • The same was done at the entrance to the nave, where the doorposts of olive wood were rectangular. (1 Kings 6, 33)

  • basins, snuffers, bowls, cups, and fire pans of pure gold; and hinges of gold for the doors of the inner room, or holy of holies, and for the doors of the outer room, the nave. (1 Kings 7, 50)

  • the porch which lay before the nave along the width of the house was also twenty cubits, and it was twenty cubits high. He overlaid its interior with pure gold. (2 Chronicles 3, 4)

  • The nave he overlaid with cypress wood which he covered with fine gold, embossing on it palms and chains. (2 Chronicles 3, 5)

  • The combined wingspread of the two cherubim was thus twenty cubits. They stood upon their own feet, facing toward the nave. (2 Chronicles 3, 13)

  • He set up the columns to correspond with the nave, one for the right side and the other for the left, and he called the one to the right Jachin and the one to the left Boaz. (2 Chronicles 3, 17)

  • He made the lampstands of gold, ten of them as was prescribed, and placed them in the nave, five to the right and five to the left. (2 Chronicles 4, 7)

  • He made ten tables and had them set in the nave, five to the right and five to the left; and he made a hundred golden bowls. (2 Chronicles 4, 8)

  • snuffers, bowls, cups and firepans of pure gold. As for the entry to the house, its inner doors to the holy of holies, as well as the doors to the nave, were of gold. (2 Chronicles 4, 22)

“Sejam como pequenas abelhas espirituais, que levam para sua colméia apenas mel e cera. Que, por meio de sua conversa, sua casa seja repleta de docilidade, paz, concórdia, humildade e piedade!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina