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  • "Now, therefore, O our God, great, mighty, and awesome God, you who in your mercy preserve the covenant, take into account all the disasters that have befallen us, our kings, our princes, our priests, our prophets, our fathers, and your entire people, from the time of the kings of Assyria until this day! (Nehemiah 9, 32)

  • Not by youths was their mighty one struck down, nor did titans bring him low, nor huge giants attack him; But Judith, the daughter of Merari, by the beauty of her countenance disabled him. (Judith 16, 6)

  • (1a) In the second year of the reign of the great King Ahasuerus, on the first day of Nisan, Mordecai, son of Jair, son of Shimei, son of Kish, of the tribe of Benjamin, had a dream. (1b) He was a Jew residing in the city of Susa, a prominent man who served at the king's court, (1c) and one of the captives whom Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, had taken from Jerusalem with Jeconiah, king of Judah. (1d) This was his dream. There was noise and tumult, thunder and earthquake-confusion upon the earth. (1e) Two great dragons came on, both poised for combat. They uttered a mighty cry, (1f) and at their cry every nation prepared for war, to fight against the race of the just. (1g) It was a dark and gloomy day. Tribulation and distress, evil and great confusion, lay upon the earth. (1h) The whole race of the just were dismayed with fear of the evils to come upon them, and were at the point of destruction. (1i) Then they cried out to God, and as they cried, there appeared to come forth a great river, a flood of water from a little spring. (1j) The light of the sun broke forth; the lowly were exalted and they devoured the nobles. (1k) Having seen this dream and what God intended to do, Mordecai awoke. He kept it in mind, and tried in every way, until night, to understand its meaning. (1l) Mordecai lodged at the court with Bagathan and Thares, two eunuchs of the king who were court guards. (1m) He overheard them plotting, investigated their plans, and discovered that they were preparing to lay hands on King Ahasuerus. So he informed the king about them, (1n) and the king had the two eunuchs questioned and, upon their confession, put to death. (1o) Then the king had these things recorded; Mordecai, too, put them into writing. (1p) The king also appointed Mordecai to serve at the court, and rewarded him for his actions. (1q) Haman, however, son of Hammedatha the Agagite, who was in high honor with the king, sought to harm Mordecai and his people because of the two eunuchs of the king. (Esther 1, 0)

  • But the poor from the edge of the sword and from the hand of the mighty, he saves. (Job 5, 15)

  • How long will you utter such things? The words from your mouth are like a mighty wind! (Job 8, 2)

  • God is wise in heart and mighty in strength; who has withstood him and remained unscathed? (Job 9, 4)

  • If it be a question of strength, he is mighty; and if of judgment, who will call him to account? (Job 9, 19)

  • Why do the wicked survive, grow old, become mighty in power? (Job 21, 7)

  • he gives safety and support. He sustains the mighty by his strength, and his eyes are on their ways. (Job 24, 23)

  • Without a trial he breaks the mighty, and sets others in their stead, (Job 34, 24)

  • In great oppression men cry out; they call for help because of the power of the mighty, (Job 35, 9)

  • When he rises up, the mighty are afraid; the waves of the sea fall back. (Job 41, 17)

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