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  • "If a man with two wives loves one and dislikes the other; and if both bear him sons, but the first-born is of her whom he dislikes: (Deuteronomy 21, 15)

  • when he comes to bequeath his property to his sons he may not consider as his first-born the son of the wife he loves, in preference to his true first-born, the son of the wife whom he dislikes. (Deuteronomy 21, 16)

  • though the LORD, your God, would not listen to Balaam and turned his curse into a blessing for you, because he loves you. (Deuteronomy 23, 6)

  • He will be your comfort and the support of your old age, for his mother is the daughter-in-law who loves you. She is worth more to you than seven sons!" (Ruth 4, 15)

  • He set me free in the open, and rescued me, because he loves me. (2 Samuel 22, 20)

  • Huram, king of Tyre, wrote an answer which he sent to Solomon: "Because the LORD loves his people, he has placed you over them as king." (2 Chronicles 2, 10)

  • but no other child. Since you are Sarah's closest relative, you before all other men have the right to marry her. Also, her father's estate is rightfully yours to inherit. Now the girl is sensible, courageous, and very beautiful; and her father loves her dearly." (Tobit 6, 12)

  • So now I too am afraid of this demon. Because he loves her, he does not harm her; but he does slay any man who wishes to come close to her. I am my father's only child. If I should die, I would bring my father and mother down to their grave in sorrow over me. And they have no other son to bury them!" (Tobit 6, 15)

  • The LORD is just and loves just deeds; the upright shall see his face. (Psalms 11, 7)

  • He set me free in the open; he rescued me because he loves me. (Psalms 18, 20)

  • "You relied on the LORD--let him deliver you; if he loves you, let him rescue you." (Psalms 22, 9)

  • The LORD loves justice and right and fills the earth with goodness. (Psalms 33, 5)

“O passado não conta mais para o Senhor. O que conta é o presente e estar atento e pronto para reparar o que foi feito.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina