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  • Now the Valley of Siddim was full of bitumen pits; and as the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, they fell into these, while the rest fled to the mountains. (Genesis 14, 10)

  • As the sun was about to set, a trance fell upon Abram, and a deep, terrifying darkness enveloped him. (Genesis 15, 12)

  • Then, as they set out, a terror from God fell upon the towns round about, so that no one pursued the sons of Jacob. (Genesis 35, 5)

  • He fell asleep again and had another dream. He saw seven ears of grain, fat and healthy, growing on a single stalk. (Genesis 41, 5)

  • When Joseph's eye fell on his full brother Benjamin, he asked, "Is this your youngest brother, of whom you told me?" Then he said to him, "May God be gracious to you, my boy!" (Genesis 43, 29)

  • terror and dread fell upon them. By the might of your arm they were frozen like stone, while your people, O LORD, passed over, while the people you had made your own passed over. (Exodus 15, 16)

  • The Levites carried out the command of Moses, and that day there fell about three thousand of the people. (Exodus 32, 28)

  • Fire came forth from the LORD'S presence and consumed the holocaust and the remnants of the fat on the altar. Seeing this, all the people cried out and fell prostrate. (Leviticus 8, 24)

  • At night, when the dew fell upon the camp, the manna also fell. (Numbers 11, 9)

  • But Moses and Aaron fell prostrate before the whole assembled community of the Israelites; (Numbers 14, 5)

  • When Moses heard this, he fell prostrate. (Numbers 16, 4)

  • But they fell prostrate and cried out, "O God, God of the spirits of all mankind, will one man's sin make you angry with the whole community?" (Numbers 16, 22)

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