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  • Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water. She went and filled the skin with water, and then let the boy drink. (Genesis 21, 19)

  • if I say to a girl, 'Please lower your jug, that I may drink,' and she answers, 'Take a drink, and let me give water to your camels, too,' let her be the one whom you have decided upon for your servant Isaac. In this way I shall know that you have dealt graciously with my master." (Genesis 24, 14)

  • "Take a drink, sir," she replied, and quickly lowering the jug onto her hand, she gave him a drink. (Genesis 24, 18)

  • When she had let him drink his fill, she said, "I will draw water for your camels, too, until they have drunk their fill." (Genesis 24, 19)

  • and she answers, Not only may you have a drink, but I will give water to your camels, too--let her be the woman whom the LORD has decided upon for my master's son.' (Genesis 24, 44)

  • "I had scarcely finished saying this prayer to myself when Rebekah came out with a jug on her shoulder. After she went down to the spring and drew water, I said to her, 'Please let me have a drink.' (Genesis 24, 45)

  • She quickly lowered the jug she was carrying and said, 'Take a drink, and let me bring water for your camels, too.' So I drank, and she watered the camels also. (Genesis 24, 46)

  • The rods that he had thus peeled he then set upright in the watering troughs, so that they would be in front of the animals that drank from the troughs. When the animals were in heat as they came to drink, (Genesis 30, 38)

  • The fish in the river shall die, and the river itself shall become so polluted that the Egyptians will be unable to drink its water." (Exodus 7, 18)

  • The fish in the river died, and the river itself became so polluted that the Egyptians could not drink its water. There was blood throughout the land of Egypt. (Exodus 7, 21)

  • All the Egyptians had to dig in the neighborhood of the river for drinking water, since they could not drink the river water. (Exodus 7, 24)

  • they arrived at Marah, where they could not drink the water, because it was too bitter. Hence this place was called Marah. (Exodus 15, 23)

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