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  • Thus the LORD scattered them from there all over the earth, and they stopped building the city. (Genesis 11, 8)

  • "The whole community of the LORD sends this message: What act of treachery is this you have committed against the God of Israel? You have seceded from the LORD this day, and rebelled against him by building an altar of your own! (Joshua 22, 16)

  • If you consider the land you now possess unclean, cross over to the land the LORD possesses, where the Dwelling of the LORD stands, and share that with us. But do not rebel against the LORD, nor involve us in rebellion, by building an altar of your own in addition to the altar of the LORD, our God. (Joshua 22, 19)

  • So we decided to guard our interests by building this altar of our own: not for holocausts or for sacrifices, (Joshua 22, 26)

  • Far be it from us to rebel against the LORD or to secede now from the LORD by building an altar for holocaust, grain offering, or sacrifice in addition to the altar of the LORD, our God, which stands before his Dwelling." (Joshua 22, 29)

  • With the royal power firmly in his grasp, Solomon allied himself by marriage with Pharaoh, king of Egypt. The daughter of Pharaoh, whom he married, he brought to the City of David, until he should finish building his palace, and the temple of the LORD, and the wall around Jerusalem. (1 Kings 3, 1)

  • Solomon's and Hiram's builders, along with the Gebalites, hewed them out, and prepared the wood and stones for building the temple. (1 Kings 5, 32)

  • "As to this temple you are building--if you observe my statutes, carry out my ordinances, keep and obey all my commands, I will fulfill toward you the promise I made to your father David. (1 Kings 6, 12)

  • When Solomon finished building the temple, (1 Kings 6, 14)

  • 'Since the day I brought my people Israel out of Egypt, I have not chosen a city out of any tribe of Israel for the building of a temple to my honor; but I choose David to rule my people Israel.' (1 Kings 8, 16)

  • After Solomon finished building the temple of the LORD, the royal palace, and everything else that he had planned, (1 Kings 9, 1)

  • This is why he rebelled. King Solomon was building Millo, closing up the breach of his father's City of David. (1 Kings 11, 27)

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