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  • For many years now you have not once abandoned your kinsmen, but have faithfully carried out the commands of the LORD, your God. (Joshua 22, 3)

  • Because they had thus abandoned him and served Baal and the Ashtaroth, (Judges 2, 13)

  • they did not listen to their judges, but abandoned themselves to the worship of other gods. They were quick to stray from the way their fathers had taken, and did not follow their example of obedience to the commandments of the LORD. (Judges 2, 17)

  • "My Lord," Gideon said to him, "if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where are his wondrous deeds of which our fathers told us when they said, 'Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt?' For now the LORD has abandoned us and has delivered us into the power of Midian." (Judges 6, 13)

  • But after Gideon was dead, the Israelites again abandoned themselves to the Baals, making Baal of Berith their god (Judges 8, 33)

  • The Israelites again offended the LORD, serving the Baals and Ashtaroths, the gods of Aram, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the Ammonites, and the gods of the Philistines. Since they had abandoned the LORD and would not serve him, (Judges 10, 6)

  • So David and his men, about six hundred in number, left Keilah and wandered from place to place. When Saul was informed that David had escaped from Keilah, he abandoned the expedition. (1 Samuel 23, 13)

  • Samuel then said to Saul, "Why do you disturb me by conjuring me up?" Saul replied: "I am in great straits, for the Philistines are waging war against me and God has abandoned me. Since he no longer answers me through prophets or in dreams, I have called you to tell me what I should do." (1 Samuel 28, 15)

  • To this Samuel said: "But why do you ask me, if the LORD has abandoned you and is with your neighbor? (1 Samuel 28, 16)

  • Then David asked him, "To whom do you belong, and where do you come from?" He replied: "I am an Egyptian, the slave of an Amalekite. My master abandoned me because I fell sick three days ago today. (1 Samuel 30, 13)

  • When the Israelites on the slope of the valley and those along the Jordan saw that the men of Israel had fled and that Saul and his sons were dead, they too abandoned their cities and fled. Then the Philistines came and lived in those cities. (1 Samuel 31, 7)

  • They abandoned their gods there, and David and his men carried them away. (2 Samuel 5, 21)

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