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  • Joseph had another dream which he told to his brothers, "I saw the sun, the moon and seven stars bowing down before me." (Genesis 37, 9)

  • On joyful occasions, on your festival and new-moon feast, you will sound the trumpet at the time of your burnt offering and your communion sacrifices, and they will call you to the remembrance of your God. I am Yahweh your God." (Numbers 10, 10)

  • When you look at the heavens and you see the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the heavenly bodies, do not prostrate yourselves to adore and serve them as gods. (Deuteronomy 4, 19)

  • if they go to serve other gods and bow before them - to the sun, or the moon, or the stars of heaven - which I have forbidden, (Deuteronomy 17, 3)

  • On that day when Yahweh gave the Amorites over to them, Joshua addressed Yahweh and said in the sight of all Israel: "Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and you, moon, in the valley of Aijalon." (Joshua 10, 12)

  • And the sun stood still and the moon stopped until the people had taken revenge on their enemies: so it is written in the Book of the Just, "The sun stood still in mid-heaven and did not hasten to set for almost a whole day. (Joshua 10, 13)

  • David answered, "Tomorrow is the new moon and I should be dining with the king. But let me hide myself in the open country until the evening of the third day. (1 Samuel 20, 5)

  • Then Jonathan said, "Tomorrow is the new moon. Your absence will be noticed because your seat will be vacant. (1 Samuel 20, 18)

  • So David hid himself in the open country. On the day of the new moon the king came to dine. (1 Samuel 20, 24)

  • On the second day of the new moon, David's seat was still vacant and Saul asked his son Jonathan, "Why has the son of Jesse not come to table yesterday and today?" (1 Samuel 20, 27)

  • He asked, "Why are you going to him? It is not the new moon yet nor the sabbath." But she said, "Do not worry." (2 Kings 4, 23)

  • The kings of Judah had appointed pagan priests who offered sacrifices in the sanctuaries on the hills, in the different cities of Judah and in the suburbs of Jerusalem. Josiah did away with them and with those who offered incense to Baal, to the sun, the moon, the stars and all the heavenly host. (2 Kings 23, 5)

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