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  • He instructed the leader, "When my brother Esau meets you and asks, 'To whom do you belong? And where are you going? Who is the owner of the animals you are driving?' (Genesis 32, 17)

  • On the sixth day they gathered the double amount of bread, two omers each, and the leader of the people came to tell Moses. (Exodus 16, 22)

  • When a leader sins and without intending to do so does one of the things forbidden by the commandments of Yahweh his God, thus becoming guilty, (Leviticus 4, 22)

  • and burn all the fat on the altar, as with the fat in the peace offering. This is how the priest is to offer the sacrifice for the sin of this leader to free him from his sin, and he will be forgiven. (Leviticus 4, 26)

  • Those who are to camp on the east side, towards the sunrise: the camp of Judah around his banner, in battle arrangement. Leader of the sons of Judah: Nahshon son of Amminadab. (Numbers 2, 3)

  • Encamped next to him: The tribe of Issachar. Leader of the sons of Issachar: Nethanel son of Zuar. (Numbers 2, 5)

  • The tribe of Zebulun. Leader of the sons of Zebulun: Eliab son of Helon. (Numbers 2, 7)

  • On the south side, the banner of the camp of Reuben, in battle formation. Leader of the sons of Reuben: Elizur son of Shedeur. (Numbers 2, 10)

  • Beside him shall camp: the tribe of Simeon. Leader of the sons of Simeon: Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai. (Numbers 2, 12)

  • The tribe of Gad. Leader of the sons of Gad: Eliasaph son of Reuel. (Numbers 2, 14)

  • On the west side, the banner of the camp of Ephraim, in battle formation. Leader of the sons of Ephraim: Elishama son of Ammihud. (Numbers 2, 18)

  • Next to him: the tribe of Manasseh. Leader of the tribe of Manasseh: Gamaliel son of Pedahzur. (Numbers 2, 20)

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