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  • thirty camels in milk and their calves, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty she-asses and ten male donkeys. (Genesis 32, 15)

  • But Jacob said to him, "My lord knows that the children are not strong, and besides I must think of the ewes with lambs and the cows that have calves and if they are driven too hard, even for one day, all the flocks will die. (Genesis 33, 13)

  • when seven cows, sleek and fat, were coming up from the Nile and beginning to feed among the rushes. (Genesis 41, 2)

  • Behind them came seven other cows, lean and scraggy that stood beside the cows already there. (Genesis 41, 3)

  • These devoured the sleek and fat cows. Then Pharaoh awoke. (Genesis 41, 4)

  • when seven fine cows, sleek and fat, came up from the river and began to feed in the rushes. (Genesis 41, 18)

  • Then seven other cows came up behind them. These were poor, scraggy and lean. I had never seen any so ugly in all the land of Egypt. (Genesis 41, 19)

  • The thin, gaunt cows ate up the seven fat cows, (Genesis 41, 20)

  • The seven fat cows are seven years and the seven good ears as well. It's one dream! (Genesis 41, 26)

  • The seven lean cows coming after them are seven years as are the seven withered ears of corn scorched by the east wind, and they are seven years of famine. (Genesis 41, 27)

  • If a man entrusts to his neighbor his donkey, cow, sheep or other animal, and the animal dies or is injured, or is carried off without being seen, (Exodus 22, 9)

  • No animal, whether cow or ewe, shall be slaughtered on the same day as its young. (Leviticus 22, 28)

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