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  • We must make a three-day journey into the desert and there we will sacrifice to Yahweh, our God, as he commands." (Exodus 8, 23)

  • and said, "If you listen carefully to the voice of Yahweh, your God, and if you do what is right in his eyes, if you obey his commands and statutes, I will not inflict on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am Yahweh, the One who heals you." (Exodus 15, 26)

  • Then Yahweh said to Moses, "How long will you refuse to obey my commands and my laws? (Exodus 16, 28)

  • There I shall come to meet you; there, from above the mercy Seat from between the two cherubim on it, I shall give you all my commands for the people of Israel. (Exodus 25, 22)

  • Then he said to them, "This is what Yahweh, the God of Israel commands: Let each one carry a sword at his side. Go back and forth from door to door and don't hesitate to kill even your brothers, your companions and your relatives." (Exodus 32, 27)

  • This is what Yahweh commands the sons of Israel to give them from the day they are ordained as priests: this is a law for all their descendants for all time to come. (Leviticus 7, 36)

  • You must keep my commands and put them into practice. I am Yahweh. (Leviticus 22, 31)

  • Such was the total count of the sons of Israel when the census was made according to tribes. The full count of the entire camp, grouped under the various commands, was 603,550. (Numbers 2, 32)

  • If without meaning to do so, you fail in any of these commands that Yahweh has given to Moses (Numbers 15, 22)

  • You must then have a fringe, and the sight of it will remind you of all the commands of Yahweh. You are then to put them into practice, and no longer follow the desires of your heart and your eyes, which would lead you to go astray. (Numbers 15, 39)

  • Nevertheless, you did not want to go up into the mountains but rebelled against the commands of Yahweh. (Deuteronomy 1, 26)

  • Take care to keep holy the sabbath day, as Yahweh, your God, commands you. (Deuteronomy 5, 12)

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