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  • And you shall love Yahweh, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. (Deuteronomy 6, 5)

  • lest you say, "With my own strength I have attained all these good things." (Deuteronomy 8, 17)

  • I prayed to Yahweh and said to him: "O Lord God, do not destroy your people and your inheritance, whom you redeemed with your might, whom you brought out of Egypt with the strength of your hand. (Deuteronomy 9, 26)

  • You, with whom I am speaking, understand all this. Perhaps this may be more difficult for your children who have not known the teaching of Yahweh or seen his greatness and strength. (Deuteronomy 11, 2)

  • Therefore, observe all these commandments that I give you, that you may gather strength and occupy the land which you are going over to possess. (Deuteronomy 11, 8)

  • The Lord will give justice to his people and have mercy on his servants, when he sees their strength failing and both slave and free disappearing. (Deuteronomy 32, 36)

  • for you will go up to the forest and clear it. All the land shall be yours, and you will drive out the Canaanites despite their iron chariots and great strength." (Joshua 17, 18)

  • Then the spirit of Yahweh clothed Gideon with strength; he blew the trumpet and summoned the men of Abiezer. (Judges 6, 34)

  • Then Yahweh said to Gideon, "There are too many people with you. If I give the Midianites into their hands, the Israelites might think that they won over the Midianites by their own strength. (Judges 7, 2)

  • So Yahweh opened a hollow in the ground at Lehi and water gushed forth from it. Samson drank; his strength returned and he revived. For this, the name En-hakkore was given to the fountain which is still in Lehi to this day. (Judges 15, 19)

  • The Philistine chiefs said to this woman, "Charm him and find out where he gets such strength and how we can defeat and tie him up. Each of us shall give you eleven hundred pieces of silver." (Judges 16, 5)

  • So Delilah asked Samson, "Tell me, please, where do you get such strength and how can others tie you up to subdue you?" (Judges 16, 6)

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