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  • All the prophets said the same, "Go to Ramoth-gilead and triumph. Yahweh will deliver it into the hands of the king." (1 Kings 22, 12)

  • The official who went to summon Micaiah said to him, "Look here, all the prophets agree to foretell a happy end to the king. You too agree to speak favorably." (1 Kings 22, 13)

  • Yahweh then asked him, 'What will you do?' To this he replied: 'I will go and make myself a lying spirit on the lips of all his prophets.' Then Yahweh said, 'You shall succeed. Go and do just that.' (1 Kings 22, 22)

  • You must know that Yahweh has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours because he willed to bring evil on you." (1 Kings 22, 23)

  • The fellow prophets in Bethel went out to welcome Elisha and said to him, "Don't you know that today Yahweh will take your master away from you?" He answered them, "Yes, I also know it. So, be quiet." (2 Kings 2, 3)

  • So they went on to Jericho. The fellow prophets in Jericho approached Elisha and said to him, "Do you not know that Yahweh is to take your master away today?" Elisha answered, "Yes, I know it. Be quiet." (2 Kings 2, 5)

  • fifty fellow prophets of Jericho followed them at a certain distance. When Elijah and Elisha stood by the Jordan (2 Kings 2, 7)

  • The fellow prophets of Jericho saw him from the other side, and said, "The spirit of Elijah rests upon Elisha." And as they came to him, they bowed to the ground before him saying, (2 Kings 2, 15)

  • Elisha said to the king of Israel, "What have I to do with you? Go see the prophets of your father or those of your mother." But the king of Israel asked him, "Has Yahweh perhaps called us three together to deliver us into the hands of Moab?" (2 Kings 3, 13)

  • The widow of one of the fellow prophets called Elisha saying, "You know that my husband feared God. But now his creditor has come to collect payment. And as we could not pay, he wanted to take my two sons as slaves." (2 Kings 4, 1)

  • Elisha returned to Gilgal. There was great scarcity of food in the region, and when the fellow prophets came to sit with Elisha, he said to his servant, "Take the big pot and prepare some broth for the fellow prophets." (2 Kings 4, 38)

  • Gehazi said to him, "Pardon me, lord, my master sent me to say to you: Two young men from the community of the prophets have just come to me from the mountain of Ephraim, kindly give me a talent of silver and two new garments for them." Naaman replied, (2 Kings 5, 22)

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