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  • driving away before us all the nations especially the Amorites who lived in this land. So we shall also serve Yahweh: he is our God!" (Joshua 24, 18)

  • Now, I will not drive out these nations before you. They shall be your oppressors and their gods shall be a trap for you." (Judges 2, 3)

  • Well now, neither shall I drive out before them any of the nations left when Joshua died. (Judges 2, 21)

  • And I shall test the Israelites through those nations; then I shall know if they will finally follow my ways as their fathers did." (Judges 2, 22)

  • So Yahweh left those nations in their place and did not take the land immediately from them. This was also why he did not give them into the hands of Joshua. (Judges 2, 23)

  • These are the nations that Yahweh let live in order to test the Israelites through them, that is to say, all the Israelites who had not known any of the wars in Canaan. (Judges 3, 1)

  • They said to him, "You are already old and your sons are not following your ways. Give us a king to rule over us as in all the other nations." (1 Samuel 8, 5)

  • The people paid no attention to all that Samuel said. They insisted, "No! We want a king to govern us as in all the other nations. (1 Samuel 8, 19)

  • which King David consecrated to Yahweh together with the silver and gold which he consecrated from all the nations he subdued: (2 Samuel 8, 11)

  • You have delivered me from the people's assault and have made me head over the nations. They came to serve me - people I had not known. (2 Samuel 22, 44)

  • For this I will extol you, Yahweh, among the nations; I will sing praise to your name. (2 Samuel 22, 50)

  • He was wiser than any man; wiser than Ethan, the Ezrahite, and Heman, Calcot and Darda, sons of Mahol; and his fame spread among all the surrounding nations. (1 Kings 4, 31)

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