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  • chief Kenaz, chief Gatam, chief Amalek. These are the chiefs of Eliphaz in the land of Edom. These are the sons of Adah. (Genesis 36, 16)

  • And these are the sons of Reuel son of Esau: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, Mizzah. These are the chiefs of Reuel in the land of Edom; these are the sons of Basemath, Esau's wife. (Genesis 36, 17)

  • These are the sons of Seir the Horite, inhabitants of the land: Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah, (Genesis 36, 20)

  • Dishon, Ezer, Dishan; these are the chiefs of the Horites, the sons of Seir in the land of Edom. (Genesis 36, 21)

  • chief Dishon, chief Ezer, chief Dishan. These are the chiefs of the Horites according to their clans in the land of Seir. (Genesis 36, 30)

  • These are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom before an Israelite king reigned. (Genesis 36, 31)

  • Jobab died and Husham of the land of the Temanites succeeded. (Genesis 36, 34)

  • Magdiel, Iram. These are the chiefs of Edom according to their families and residence in the land that was theirs. (This is Esau, father of Edom). (Genesis 36, 43)

  • Jacob lived in the land where hisfather had settled, in the land of canaan. (Genesis 37, 1)

  • All his sons and daughters came to comfort him but he refused to be consoled saying, "No, I shall go down to the land of Shadows, mourning for my son." Thus his father wept for him. (Genesis 37, 35)

  • and from that time God blessed the Egyptian's house because of Joseph; he blessed all that the Egyptian owned, his household and his land. (Genesis 39, 5)

  • for I was, in fact, kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews and even here I have done nothing to deserve imprisonment." (Genesis 40, 15)

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