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  • At that time Rezin, king of Aram, recovered Elath for the Edomites, expelling the Jews from there. The Edomites then entered Elath and lived there until now. (2 Kings 16, 6)

  • Nebuzaradan, commander of the bodyguard, carried off into exile the last of the Jews left in the city, those who had deserted to the king of Babylon and the remainder of the artisans. (2 Kings 25, 11)

  • It should be made known to the king that the Jews who came up from your side to ours and have gone to Jerusalem are now building this rebellious and wicked city. They are now rebuilding the walls and have laid the foundation. (Ezra 4, 12)

  • When the copy of this letter of King Artaxerxes was read before Rehum, the governor, Shimshai, the secretary, and their colleagues, they went hurriedly to Jerusalem and they used force and violence to make the Jews suspend their work. (Ezra 4, 23)

  • The prophets Haggai and Zechariah, son of Iddo, addressed the Jews who lived in Judea and Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel, who was with them. (Ezra 5, 1)

  • But the favor of God was with the leaders of the Jews, for these people did not oblige the Jews to stop the work while the matter was being referred to King Darius and they were waiting for his answer. (Ezra 5, 5)

  • Let the governor of the Jews together with their leaders build the House of God on its former site. (Ezra 6, 7)

  • And the leaders of the Jews continued to make progress in building, encouraged by what Haggai, the prophet, and Zechariah, the son of Iddo, had said; and they finished the work according to the command of the God of Israel and the decrees of Cyrus and Darius. (Ezra 6, 14)

  • The Jews who had returned from exile offered sacrifices to the God of Israel: twelve young bulls for all Israel, ninety-six rams, seventy-seven lambs, and as a sin-offering, twelve he-goats. All these were burnt offerings to Yahweh. (Ezra 8, 35)

  • On the first day of the first month, they finished attending to all the cases of Jews who had been married to foreign women. (Ezra 10, 17)

  • The counselors did not know where I had been or what I was doing. Until that time I had not yet told any of the Jews or the counselors, or the priests or the nobles, or any of those in public office. (Nehemiah 2, 16)

  • When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry. He ridiculed the Jews (Nehemiah 3, 33)

“A sua função é tirar e transportar as pedras, e arrancar os espinhos. Jesus é quem semeia, planta, cultiva e rega. Mas seu trabalho também é obra de Jesus. Sem Ele você nada pode fazer.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina