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  • Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish and Kedemah. (Genesis 25, 15)

  • Husham died and Hadad, son of Bedad succeeded; he defeated the Midianites in the country of Moab, and his city was called Avith. (Genesis 36, 35)

  • Hadad died and Samlah of Masrekah succeeded. (Genesis 36, 36)

  • Baal-hanan died and Hadad succeeded; his city was called Paul; his wife's name was Mehetabel, daughter of Matred, from Mezahab. (Genesis 36, 39)

  • And Yahweh raised up an adversary against Solomon. This was Hadad, the Edomite of the royal house in Edom. (1 Kings 11, 14)

  • However Hadad, then still only a boy, fled to Egypt together with some Edomites, his father's servants. (1 Kings 11, 17)

  • They left Midian for Paran and, taking along with them some of the men from Paran, they went on to Egypt to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who gave Hadad a house, promised him food and gave him land. (1 Kings 11, 18)

  • Hadad pleased Pharaoh, who gave him as wife the sister of Queen Tahpenes, his own wife. (1 Kings 11, 19)

  • And so when Hadad heard in Egypt that David had slept with his fathers, and that Joab the commander of the army was also dead, he said to Pharaoh, "Let me go back to my own country." (1 Kings 11, 21)

  • Asa, in the meantime, collecting all the silver and gold remaining in the treasuries of the temple of Yahweh and the royal palace, entrusted them to his servants whom he sent to Ben-hadad, son of Tabrimmon, son of Hezion, king of Syria who reigned in Damascus. (1 Kings 15, 18)

  • Ben-hadad acceded to King Asa's request and sent his officers to harass the cities of Israel, capturing Ijon, Dan, Abel-beth-maacah, all the land of Chinneroth and the region of Naphtali. (1 Kings 15, 20)

  • Ben-hadad, king of Aram, gathered together his entire army. With him were thirty-two kings. With horses and chariots, he went to Samaria and besieged it. (1 Kings 20, 1)

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